Pride & Prejudice: Hidden Anthologies

  • Beautiful graphics
  • Variety of mini-games
  • Comprehensive hint system
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU : 1.6 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 385

Review for game Pride & Prejudice: Hidden Anthologies

Explore the rich world of Jane Austen’s most beloved novel, Pride & Prejudice! Published almost two hundred years ago, the novel has seen many adaptations over the years. Now, it is a fully featured Hidden Object adventure game that closely follows the plot of the book. The game involves many of the much loved characters and offers new perspectives to both the gaming genre & the story. Enjoy beautifully rendered scenes, emotive original music & compelling narrative driven gameplay.

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Genre : Puzzle

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June 26, 2012

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A nice diversion
June 25, 2012

I have to disagree with the bad reviews for this game. This game may not be on the level of "Ravenhearst" and the like; but it has some redeeming qualities. I enjoy the time period of the game; I appreciate the novel's of Jane Austen and appreciate the amount of work and research required to make a game like this. The music is soothing and the graphics are nicely done. All in all, there are many more games out there that I would consider "thrown together". You know the ones I mean; here's a hint: "Frankenstein". Yes, you remember. That developer has made several games that appear "thrown together". In my opinion I think the game is quite interesting and admire the time and talent that goes into making a game such as this.

July 2, 2012

So many will not buy this is slow and far to much clicking to find 'where to go next' ...but I am glad I played it to the end. There are some people playing games that actually enjoy a slow, clean cut game without all the evil elements. I thought about sending it back ...but I feel it was worth the 6.99 for any evening of 'less stress in life.' I cannot check 'recommend this game' because it is probably a game not many will find challenging....but I would recommend it for others.

Fun for P&P fans
June 26, 2013

I had to try this because it is so poorly reviewed. Don't believe it! It is a pretty good game (trial, at least) if you like PRIDE AND PREJUDICE by Jane Austen. Most males probably should just skip this. It's a game of the book, so there is a talking story line, interaction with characters, beautifully drawn scenes, HOs within HOs, little wax seals for additional hints, hints that tell you what to do, clear instructions, etc. Challenges are: 1) no adjustment to volume, so adjust your computer speaker volume before staring game. 2) learning how to move from scene to scene--try doors, windows, fancy "feather" arrow on either side of inventory box. 3) some of the HO scenes are a little dim, but that's not unusual. I find tilting my screen brings clarity!

I liked this game
July 11, 2012

I love the story of Pride & Prejudice, so I really enjoyed immersing in the game despite the mediocre art. Liked the music-just turned it down some. Wish I had known that backgammon box 1/2 meant that I had to put 2 things into the box, not find another box! I didn't think it was as bad as the other reviewers thought.

Interesting ...but
June 25, 2012

Being a huge fan of the novel, I was rather dissapponted There is a hint system, recharges very slowly in the form of a cartton characters & takes a bit to get the hint to SHOW what's/Where Drawing board characters Graphics are good in the HOS-some objects very small Music is mellow, piano in some scenes **alot of Dialog*** Played full demo- Interesting comcept of using this novel for a game, but just missed the mark there is no map that I saw & you wander s bit I would recommend at least try it-might work on the last day of the month & you need a PC credit on a DD

It has some merit of fun in it.
June 28, 2012

I'm glad I read the previous reviews as it helped me to know what to do while playing. Since I knew the basis of gameplay based on those reviews, I actually enjoyed the game. Now for the game to truly have been fun, some sort of explanation or tutorial would have been quite helpful. Without the other reviews explaining how to play, the game would have been quite frustrating while I clicked this and that trying to understand what to do. If the game would have had some kind of "clue" indication, such as a sparkly arrow when your cursor is over something of importance, that would help too, but as an avid Hidden Object game player, I was able to figure most things out on my own. Also the game would be better if you realized you could go from room to room to find other clues by clicking on the doors in the room or by clicking on the little (almost not noticed) gold emblem near the bottom of the screen. I eventually realized this fact, but having a tutorial explain it beforehand would have saved me a little frustration. I found the character dialog to be helpful EXCEPT for when it was verbatim from the book. For someone unfamiliar with Pride and Prejudice, this quite long series of speech may be interesting, but since the dialog is not acted out, and the characters are actually animated in a homely, almost unappealing manner, it becomes a bit boring. Fortunately you are able to skip through it rather quickly if you desire. To sum up, I found it delightfully challenging having to figure out what to do based on the small amount of details given. The music was a bit too much repetitious for enjoyment, but you can always turn it down if you desire. Without a tutorial to explain the gameplay, you may become frustrated. I'm shocked the makers of the game didn't realize how important that little addition is for game players. I might actually purchase this game. Not sure yet. :)

just my speed
April 24, 2013

I am a P&P fan and enjoyed playing this game all the way to the end. I liked that there was not a time limit on scenes nor a penalty for incorrect clicks. The cross-stitch and piano type puzzles were new to me, and thus a bit of a challenge, but definitely do-able. I prefer games that are fun without adding stress and frustration to my day. This one was just my speed.

Oh Dear! It's Different
June 25, 2012

I bought the original DVD and it is one of my favoured movies, so on that note, I purchased this game without a tryout. I rarely do this and have learned once again to stop doing that. Could have been a better choice of music, the game strains me enough. Perfect confusion and too much chatter to go through. Very few HO's to find but also must find other items in every scene to help us along. This is in cartoon character and there are not many choices on how you can play. Jumping back and forth between characters stopped me playing until BFG comes out with a non-confusing way to understand and play this game. Sorry folks but I simply would rather not read from a book, been there, done that so good luck and hope you enjoy it more than I. Cannot recommend or deter anyone with my opinion. Very difficult to comment on this game. Read as many ratings as you can. Other fishes have great opinions and ways of describing the games. Keep coming back and keep reading all opinions. Good luck and enjoy.

Pride & Prejudice missing Sense & Sensibility !?
June 25, 2012

The premise of adapting classics into gaming is awesome, yet I was quite disappointed when I played the demo and discovered very simplistic gameplay.... (yet don't agree with 1 and 2 star ratings... it deserves a bit higher in all fairness, IMO ). The pop up character interaction aspect as it is, is just SO unappealing and doesn't do the game justice. So much effort apparently was put into the gorgeous beginning live cut scene and H0G scenes settings yet the balance of the game is beyond basic gameplay features in every way. If only developers would utilize the awesome graphics and SFX potential in today's world that appear in recent popular [negative] game themes and design them aroound classics such as Jane Austen or some of the other classics... then we'd have some real gaming hits. I hope this won't end the attempt at bringing us "light and airy" themed games, lol, and is only a beginning to greater and bigger attempts. ;)

June 25, 2012

I read the firs reviewer's comments and didn't quite get where she was coming from, until I downloaded the trial. What a very strange game. Basically you play the game as though you are going through the book. There is nothing to tell you what to do. I figured out that you have to click on a lot of things randomly to get something and the characters pop up to say what they need. The cursor does not change when you hover over a vital object. You just have to click on everything until you find something. The piano music was intrusive - and I love classical music - and got on my nerves a lot. In the HOS there is a strange situation where if you click on a wrong object (I think) a number appears on the sheet music at the bottom right of the screen. Then a weird thing happened - the hints increased sometimes too and I still don't know why! I did get the hang of it after a while but the characters kept popping up too much for my liking. Also when you collect items you have to combine some of them within the inventory boxes on the bottom of the screen. For instance, in the kitchen you get given a bent key. When you finally work out how to go from room to room and eventually click on the fireplace in the sitting room it tells you that the fire will soften the key but you can't use your bare hands. You then discover that you have to click on the poker , which is also used to poke around in the chair in that room - which you can't do until Mrs Bennet has left the room and she will only do that once you have found her feather duster. The poker then goes back into your inventory and you have to put it together with the bent key and put the poker and key in the fire. You can then go back to the kitchen to open the cupboard. I played the demo to the end and my feeling was that this was a very quirky game. I must say it had me very intrigued to know how the rest of the game pans out. I am still wavering over whether I will buy it or not as it is very different from any other HOG I have played. I don't want to recommend or othe

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