Royal Detective: The Lord of Statues

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  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU : 2.5 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 817

Review for game Royal Detective: The Lord of Statues

You have been summoned to save the alpine village of Martlet in Royal Detective: Lord of Statues. Martlet has been taken over by statues! What made these statues come alive, and how can you stop them from destroying Martlet? The answer lays in the story of Princess, a young girl who was left on the statue maker's doorstep at birth. Find out who enchanted the statues and why in this charming game set in a small European town.

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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July 14, 2012

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Amazing HOPA ! Differences between CE X SE !
July 13, 2012

Great story: Statues come alive in the village Martlet, terrorizing and kidnapping the residents! Cutscenes very well made, excellent VO, crisp and colorful graphics, fun characters (like the dwarf, which is the hint, and the rooster, which helps you get things that are out of reach). Balanced amount of HOS Interactive, good visibility, average challenging. Great new mini games, some good level of challenging. Game itself is not really do have to think ! Has a map and you can go wherever you want, just click on the location. Game very well developed in sequence and interactivity. I chose to buy CE because of: - "Achievements ("rings" that you will earning and each one has a function: Know how to use Rooster; Fast legs; find anything, etc.) - You have to collect 26 miniatures (I love it) - Strategy guide - Bonus The CE worth the price ! It offers more time for fun and entertainment and more interactivity too. Highly Recommend !

Breathtaking beauty
October 12, 2012

Many have described the game so very well, so the only reason why I rush to make further comments is, that this game has the most beautiful HO scenes I have EVER seen !!! I have played hundreds of adventure games, but no other game has impressed me this much. Every single HO scene is pure art...... Tthe game is developing the "helper-in-game" angle - and it is very well done. Just can't wait to see the next one :-) The humor is well done - undertoned and never desturbs the gameplay - I really laughed out loud several times. Loved the game, and will give it the best of recommendations !!!!!!!

Charming, quirky, light-hearted, unusual game
December 28, 2012

I bought a Nancy Drew and was offered this for cheap if I made a decision within 4 minutes. It was nearly Christmas so I thought "why not" so I clicked on it. I'm so glad I did! Better than many that I've paid full price for. The (rather daft) story is of a little town where statues come to life and cause all sorts of mayhem. It's always snowing in this town, so I saved the game up to play over Christmas and it turned out to be very suitable for this time of year! At first it seems the sculptor is to blame for the statues running amok but later maybe someone else is in the frame ... Some of the statues are my friends and if I find the bits they need they'll do things to help me. A robot rooster will reach things I can't, and a weird little miner-dwarf will bash things for me. There was a lovely bit where I found the last of seven dwarfs and they all did an odd little dance. This game kept us busy for several evenings: there's lots of gameplay, plenty of scenes to explore, lots of inventory items to find and deploy, and not too many Hidden Object Scenes. Mostly the puzzles are about right: neither too easy nor too hard (I played in Casual mode). The only criticism I have is that (like most of these HO games) you can't store saves, so you can't go back and restart the game from an earlier point. This matters, because I think there are two possible endings depending on what you give the little girl at the end, and you have no way of knowing how it would have ended if you'd made the other choice. Overall, a really enjoyable game with funny bits in, and excellent value for money.

Fun Game!!!
November 3, 2012

After playing a very boring game, and with mini games i just didn't like or storyline i didn't like, I was ready to just give Big Fish a rest for awhile. I saw this game and noticed it didn't have a flame by it but it looked interesting....This game was sooo much fun! The mini games were fun and I really enjoyed the sound effects and the storyline. I decided that I was not tired of Big Fish. I recommend this game!!!! I really enjoyed playing it...I could use my map and everything made sense to me and I really liked the statues...they made the game!! The sound effects were great, I enjoyed all the rooms and characters too!!! A++ This game deserves a flame by it, NOT the last one I played...

Great game and fun to play
December 13, 2012

This is a great game. Has lots to do and not all that hard to play. HOS are good and the puzzles are fun. I liked the CE because of the extra game play and more things in it.

Lighter, easier game from elephant, although shorter CE vs SE differences at bottom
July 13, 2012

I didn't recommend the CE which I played because of the super short bonus play, although it did have everything else. It?s an elephant game, my favourite DEV. I love their graphics ? crisp, sharp* and beautiful. This game like all their recent games, give you a transporter map (instant jump) and here give you helpful different coloured icons on the map ?things to do now, later etc?. They never repeat their hidden object scenes, have plenty of puzzles and it?s a great adventure. But this is the shortest game I have played from them, 4hrs 45min, this is just on the cusp of a normal length SE game. Other games by them ? surface, black aisle, legacy were around the 8hr mark and over for me (on middle play). I really am a bit surprised at the length of this game purely because they are known for long, quality games. I think this could be another new series from them, it?s easier than the others and I think has more hidden object scenes than most of their other games, as they are known for not having many. But compared to other HOPAs it would be about min-medium amount. I love that this game has humour throughout, is whimsical and has a completely different plot. All I will say is that statues come alive, I won?t say any more about the family in this story as it would be a spoiler. It has a very well done voiceover ? a gnome who is also your hint guide. There is no journal and the plot unfolds through cutscenes which was good and they have upped the amount of plot in this game compared to their others. This makes it a good balance of plot, adventure, puzzles and HO scenes. The pace was excellent and kept my attention throughout. They have a choice of 3 settings in gameplay ? middle (advanced) has no sparkles but still has hint and skip buttons, the hardcore has no hint and skip buttons and you can change them mid game. If you were playing hardcore I could imagine you not liking the hint if you just wanted to use the transporter map, as the coloured icons indicating you could or not

Loved it! You're not alone- you have side-kicks!!
August 6, 2012

I love a game that gets me so involved that I talk to the characters/creatures and this is one. Lovely music, wonderful voices. Your human sidekick could speak a little more but he's so helpful, I almost didn't need a walkthrough at all... Some might think he 'tells' a little too much. He doesn't actually speak, you read that part, but he does tell the storyline periodically throughout the game... wonderful voice. Then!! another thing I love that not many games have, other creatures that help you do things, break through walls, bring you things you can't reach and they don't leave you right away, you get to use them on bunches of things... All kinds of interactive items, loads of motion Gnomes shoveling for you and on and on. I've never seen it done better, and while it's not quite as pretty as Awakening:Goblin Kingdom, it's just as entertaining and engaging. Mini-games are probably my one complaint - some were either just too hard, or in one or two cases, so obscure that I just didn't Care about solving them, but there's a skip and you don't have to wait too long for it. Clicking is accurate but not too picky. OH, there's a clickable Map. I don't normally like these, but this thing is so big and spread out and does do lots of going back and forth as you find things you need that it makes perfect sense to have it and in fact, you could get bored wandering around lost if you didn't have it. I found it nice and long, but then, I take time to talk to my rooster and tell him how clever or brave he is. I HIGHLY recommend this game, especially if you liked the Awakening series. My big problem now is to decide what to play next and try not to be disappointed when it isn't this good. Can't wait for another!

One of the Best!
July 16, 2012

This game has everything! The storyline was unique in comparison to a lot of others that I have played. The map that indicated where there were actions to be performed was a great asset to a player. I wish more games had it. The puzzles were challenging, but not impossible. I loved the rooster helper that was able to get things that were out of reach. I can't recommend this game enough. If you are looking for a game that is challenging but not going to make you want to beat your head against a wall, this is the one to spend your money on, you won't regret it.

July 13, 2012

I actually bought the CE version when it came out and now it ranks way high on my list of favorite games for 2012. It really was a fantastic and entertaning game to play. Our story begins in the town of Martlet and as the Royal Detective, you once again have been summoned to save a town that is palgued by giant statues that have suddenly come alive and are raising havoc. Your mission is to stop them and find out just who is behind this evil plot. Fear not though, you are not alone, you meet up with an adorable little friend called Rupert who from that point on, will be your talking guide, story teller and hint provider. You also will need special help as you play the game and for that you aso have a pet Rooster and a wood chooper, one that grabs objects far from reach and the other that does the heavy lifting and breaking. You have options for wide or full screen, custom cursor and different sound effects and there are three modes of gameplay to choose from. Game mechanics involve lots of HO scenes that are interactive, adventure play as well as great mini-games to solve along the way. You also have a fantastic interactive map that not only shows progress but transports you to locations. So no need for those running shoes. As an extra bonus, you also need to collect miniatures that are hidden throughout the game and there are achievements and awards to gain as you play. Visually the game is beautiful and graphics are good. Puzzles and minigame are unique and there is a good degree of challenge in the game so everyone will definitely be pleased. Kudos to BFG for giving us this gem.

What a fabulous game!
May 16, 2013

What a fabulous game! Great, original story. The graphics are good. There is a travel map provided showing active tasks. Quite a few HOS but they are quick and easy, not overwhelming at all. Puzzles are unique and medium to hard difficulty. Overall it is fairly challenging. I thought the story and gameplay were intertwined well. Really, this is such a fun and creative game. I almost overlooked this one, I highly recommend not to do so.

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