The Mirror Mysteries: Forgotten Kingdoms

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  • Unique Hidden Object Scenes
  • Match wits against an Evil Mirror!
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  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU : 1.8 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 1861

Review for game The Mirror Mysteries: Forgotten Kingdoms

The highly anticipated follow-up to the smash hit Mirror Mysteries is finally here! In this second installation of the series, Tommy is all grown up and on the hunt for the mirror that changed the lives of him and his family forever. Now he's missing, and it is up to you to help his sister retrieve Tommy and locate the evil mirror. Plunge through the mirror and into unimagined realms and magical worlds as you continue the saga and aid Tommy’s sister on her quest. The mirror is back—can you and extinguish his power for good?

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

Date release

January 20, 2013

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3320 points

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PuzzleMatch 3

AGain ANother NIce One
January 19, 2013

The HOS is the ones where you have to find all the pieces of each item to use them. Music is quiet, elevator style, nothing annoying. The only thing is when I made it 55 mins, it kept throwing me out. I will wait to buy, until I hear from others. It better continue, for it is one of the keepes.

Cool, Creative, Artistic Steampunk Fun
January 19, 2013

Seems this game is a tad polarizing, & after playing the demo I can understand why it's a love it or hate it game. Up front, i am totally loving this outrageously cool, unusual, creative, & yep, rather strange game from a favorite dev who seems to have stepped outside of the typical game box with this one. I don't favor fragmented objects over hidden objects; they usually just drive me nuts, but for this game i'm having fun with them, & it seems a good fit. So, we've got a FROPA i guess (fragmented object puzzle adventure # with a diabolical mirror with magical powers capable of abducting people into it's convoluted world, & we have been called upon by a certain young man's sister to investigate & find the missing fellow. We're finding mirror shards along the way, which somehow are going to help us do a rescue & escape. Once we enter The Mirror's world, holy wow! It's like Steampunk Junction, folks, & it is way too cool for me. Beautifully done artwork - i was enthralled immediately. Background music i've heard so far is really appropriate, being Victorian era calliope music, which i'm loving 'cause it's an innate part of the whole steampunk atmosphere the dev's created so well. Due to the frag objects that i'm not used to, i'm moving more slowly than usual thru this, which is a little frustrating, & my main challenge so far. But i'm really liking the oddly interesting storyline, excellent artwork, & smooth game mechanics. Initially you'll have several options to personalize your gameplay, & there's a journal & a hint button/mirror. It does not seem to be a hard game, but there's plenty going on & i don't foresee boredom entering the gameplay anytime soon. Again, i get it that some will feel this to be, as one reviewer put it, "a sensory nightmare". I'm on the other side of the fence, finding it appealing & rather stimulating to the senses, which just goes to show once again, different strokes for different folk. I can't wait to buy & enjoy this s

January 20, 2013

I may be a minority in the FROG category but I love them. In this game I applaud the developers for upping the anti on what I consider an IFROG (interactive frog). Having to find pieces of an object in order to unlock other objects and then place them where they belong has made this game not only fun but challenging. It's not as easy to spot certain pieces but that only adds to the challenge for me. I also note the graphics are superb, colorful and clear on these tired eyes. I loved the 1st game in this series and I'm already looking for a 3rd installment. Happy Gaming!

imagination, colour, fun and fantasy in a single game
January 21, 2013

Congratulations to the designers and artists who developed this game. I play with sound off. I skip the story. What a fun game! No lists of boring objects to find. No tools that I'm forced to steal. No houses I'm required to break into. There may be a bolt cutter on a padlock in this game, not sure about that. That doesn't work in reality. If you have a decent padlock. I love the exciting creativity and use of colour and fantasy as well as each hidden object scene doubling as puzzle sets. The extra puzzles were also challenging. I think I skipped a lot. Perhaps too challenging for an ageing/aged brain. The artwork, the characters, the scenes are exceptional and I'm my granddaughters will have fun sharing this game play with me.

Loved It
January 21, 2013

I actually give this a 4.5 stars. Cons - Storyline... have no clue, I saved someone at the end of the game and it was a little too silly for me. Some hand holding No map, but don't need one. Not to much back tracking Easy to Medium game. Pros - Storyline... Enjoyed the game anyway. Didn't care what the storyline was. FROG .. Love finding fragments of items. I can tell some thought and work went into these. They are like mini-games. You use everything that you find unlike regular Hogs. Futuristic setting.. Really enjoyed the different worlds. Cool Train and other futuristic machines. Flow of game went smoothly and help Button worked good Relaxing and interesting game and it was definitely long enough for me. I spent several hours just enjoying it.

January 31, 2013

This wasn't a very long game to finish, but I loved so much about it. The music is wonderful and changes between "kingdoms". If you played the first one, you will have a better idea how the game works. I love that the hidden objects were different than usual, which is a nice change when you play a lot of HOGs. I just wish the game had more "mirrors" I could have played this for days! Happy Gaming

Much anticipated sequel to the first Mirror Mysteries.
January 21, 2013

This game has beautiful, sumptuous, intricate graphics. Blue ribbons to the artists!! Fantasy worlds, no ghosts, witches, demons, or mental asylums, just the evil Mirror! Reminded me a bit of Enchanted Paintings. Loved the water world with its floating islands. it rather resembled the blue world in the movie Avatar. The HOS scenes were interesting in that you had to create objects which impacted on the game. It was an enchanting journey and I wished it could have gone on and on. My only complaint was the game was too short. It was over too quickly!

Mysterious mirrors
January 19, 2013

I love this way to find the objects : no list but some parts of objects to find in the scene, one after the other up to the last one. There are several broken mirrors. You have to find their pieces to restore them, and this allows you to travel and visit different worlds. I love games like this. I played the demo and i will buy the game, and for the moment the only negative thing i found is the horrible music of the first world (style years 1920), it gets on your nerves. I don't know for the moment how are the musics in the other worlds. There are some mini games which are mostly not so difficult. This is an original game that changes of the usual games.

No boring hidden object scene
January 21, 2013

Finally another game with pieces of objects to find, I love it! This hidden object games with the lists are getting so boring. Too bad there are not a lot of games like this. The game has a nice nostalgic feeling which I'm sure the older generation like me appreciate.

The Mirror Mysteries: Forgotten Kingdoms
January 20, 2013

This was really a different kind of HO game and it was fun to play. I liked the way you had to look for pieces of things instead of just looking for objects. It was really fun.

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