Victorian Mysteries: The Yellow Room

  • Interact with a host of characters
  • Unravel a Victorian mystery
  • Sumptuous scenery
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  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 8.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 543

Review for game Victorian Mysteries: The Yellow Room

Solve a perplexing conundrum in Victorian Mysteries: The Yellow Room! A young woman is attacked in the middle of the night inside a locked room. There are only two ways out: a dead- bolted door and a single window blocked by iron bars. How did the murderer escape?

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Genre : Puzzle

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April 17, 2012

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Better than any other game!
April 16, 2012

This game is a pleasant surprise, it is fun, has wonderful graphics and challenging at a non exclusive price. Thank you Big Fish!

great game so far
April 16, 2012

Great graphics, clear storyline...particularly liked the HOS, but as soon as you get the car fixed the demo is over. had 25 mins of my hour am worried the overall game will be short as well...otherwise recommend at least playing the demo and deciding for yourself. Don't be fooled, it isn't necessary to use the walkthrough - at least not for the demo.

Thank you BFG and Developers
April 16, 2012

I found the game exciting and fun to play. I had to start over because I forgot to get one of the apples that was in a (spoiler) photo (top left) of the ticket booth. So make sure you do not miss anything or you will have to start over. There was a lot of running around so the walk through was helpful in certain ways. The color, graphics,visual and sound were okay. The music I turned down way low. The HOS were easy enough, and some of the mini games were a challenge. The true identity of the killer was revealed and an innocent man was released. In the mountain scene I wish their had been a little action with the beastie. Doing the game was a good way to spend the day. I leave the purchasing of the game up to the individual player. Happy gaming everyone. Thank You BFG and developers for another excellent adventure mystery game.

Under rated
April 16, 2012

Hi everyone, This is my first ever review of a game but have been a long time member of BFG. I've purchased many, many games like this one and I feel so far it is under rated. I played the demo on the most challenging level and I think those that have played many games like this will really like it. It would be frustrating for a beginner for sure but for me I loved it except as mentioned in another review, I don't care for the "pick your question" dialogue. Otherwise it's a great and challenging game. I like to get my money's worth, to figure out how to do things on my own and not have my hand held through the game. Some things in the HO scenes are a bit small but I like that challenge also. Even playing as an expert I found it was pretty easy to figure out where and what to do next without a hint button and there is a hint button in the HO scenes, but again, it's not for a beginner. Thanks for reading my first review! Kim : )

Very Enthralling Game - Loved It
April 16, 2012

This review is based on the whole game playing in hard mode. * A mystery HOPA game (hidden object puzzle adventure) * 5 chapters * 2 modes of play: Easy/Hard * Hard mode has sparkles just for the HO scenes. * Hint/Skip take at least a couple of minutes. Very slow. * Hint is only available for the HO scenes. * Journal which you take pictures. Also has tabs for evidence, characters, and story. * Map shows your present location, areas of interest: evidence, needs investigating, HO scenes, and completed areas. You can't use it to travel back/forth locations however. * Also shows list of task(s) that need to be completed. * Graphics: Characters look very realistic and also has several cut scenes throughout the game. * Voice overs for all the characters but your own. My overall impression of the game: Well I really loved this game. Very enthralling story/mystery. I was hooked to this right from the get go and held my interest to the very end. I did not stop playing this until I got to the end. This game is kinda on the lines of an Agatha Christie or Sherlock Holmes type of story in my opinion. The graphics right along with the cut scenes I found to be very well done. Also the voice overs. I found this game to have more "adventure" to it than HO scenes cause there is a lot of traveling back/forth. Adventure side the usual standard fare of inventory items. While this game didn't have a hint button in regards to where to go/do next I did find the map pretty helpful but i will admit I did get hung up at the end of chapter 3 so used the walk through for just that one part only. Other than that I had no problems. I did have to think a bit on where to go/do next but far from frustrating. HO scenes I found to be very well done. Only had to use a couple of hints. Majority pretty ease to locate. Puzzles I found pretty easy: Putting together pieces of letters, gears, hit in right sequence, match/move circle rings

VERY fun game!!
June 29, 2012

Im surprised this game doesn't have more stars because its really FUN. Its not the hardest game although there were a few spots where I was absolutely stuck as I played in advanced mode and there is no hint outside of the hidden object scenes but eventually I stumbled upon what to do. However, this game kept my attention because for one I am a sucker for crime novels/games. I had not read the book this is based on just heard of it but I thought the storytelling in this was very well done. I happen to like the pick and select dialogue because it makes it more murder mystery who done it like in real life with the asking of the questions and I LOVED the voiceovers in this game. They are EXTREMELY well done!! The ending was marvelous! Finally a game that does voiceovers to close the story and tell everything that happened! It was like reading a book but playing it! This game is an example of what I want to see more of. Games based on books that are done well and move along well unlike some other offerings I can think of which have been pure dialogue and boring. Like I said this wasn't the hardest game but the fun factor is what made me give it 5 stars. Its also one of those games I didn't buy right away but I kept thinking about so I had to go back and get it to settle my mind and Im so glad I did. Also, I remember this developers first victorian mysteries which was back in the old style hidden object only scenes and although perfect for that era of gaming, would have been a bore today. So I am glad to see that the developers stepped up their game and modernized this one! Truly enjoyed it! I didn't even mind that there were sparkles to light up the hidden object scenes in advanced mode, I loved this game so much! I never give 5 star ratings but this game taught me it doesn't have to be a great CE, stars, bells and whistles to make it be an enjoyable great game!! Kudos! I look forward to more! Oh & as for length, I usually am a fast player but this game took me roughly 4-5 hours because there wa

Victorian Mysteries: The Yellow Room
April 24, 2012

I really liked this game . I loved the voice overs and I thought the graphics were good. Perhaps not the most challenging to some, but a great game to play on a rainy night when you just want to relax. I bought this game and recommend it to those who like a good old fashioned mystery.

well done game
April 16, 2012

Like their other games you have to really explore each scene completly. The other thing to remember is to think out of the box such as when you need a screwdriver think of what else could be used. I have 3 of their games and find this latest to be just as well done. Hope people will give it a try even if there is only a hint button on the HO puzzles because you do get help from the map and the task list.

What a Beautiful Game!
April 17, 2012

I loved the graphics, which are absolutely beautiful and work so well with the time period. They are somewhat darker than normal but that's okay, it was perfectly easy to see everything needed. I moved from scene to scene without a hitch, and the hidden objects, though a bit more difficult to find than usual, were somewhat different than the usual fare--for example, the standard hidden crowbar was missing, at least in the demo.. How can that be? lol Amazingly, I survived without a crowbar. This game is worth a buy for the graphics/scenery along and it is worth the time spent playing it. Very well done developers!

Yay, wish there were more like it!!!!
June 13, 2012

FINALLY! A good mystery!!! If you want something that is intriquing and fun but not too dark and ugly, definitely check this out. This was a fun adventure mystery with some H0 puzzles thrown in... it was not 'easy' nor was it difficult, it was simply 'different' than the generic game that is 'as per usual' and therefore I believe the ratings were not as high as they should be here. There is no 'hint' button so you are on your own to figure things out and that's the way I like my games. Victorian Mysterys: The Yellow Room was a GREAT GAME and I've been gaming for more than 25 years so I have quite a few to compare it to. I'd give it 10 stars if I could and hope there will be more like it in the NEAR future from BFG. So, encore, encore devs, give us more of these, please! Thanks! :)

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